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like the ravens had to denver with a pretty short injury list. peyton manning has won nine straight games against the ravens. the ravens did a good job against manning in week 15, but this week, ray lewis will be anchoring the defense. and louis understands more than anyone, winning the battle that occurs before each snap. >> there are two people who understand the game very well. he understands what things he wants to see and we understand what we do not want him to see. and that is where the chess match comes in at. you give him what he wants, he beats you. you give him what he doesn't want, you beat him. >> it sounds easy. it is not that easy to block. tomorrow night, we will show you amazing footage of religious in his home farewell. that is tomorrow at 7:30. you will see ray lewis in game and in the locker room. amazing stuff. i will warn you -- this will fire you up the bank rate lewis will make you want to run through a wall and tackle someone. this time around, peyton manning does have to look across the line and see ray lewis. this matchup has the quality of ali vs. frazier
lewis and peyton manning meet on saturday...hoo number 3 since announcing his retirementt..next n sports unnimited... 3 whehn the ravens 3 whehn the ravens lost to the denver broncos, it was probably tte lowestppint to their ssason...it was the last pf a 33game decembee losing streak, and was laaeddwitha lot of ackups in kky case this saturday.. 3 missing five starters in the & first game.,ray lewis, -3 terrell suggs, bernard pollard - and dannell ellerbe were all missingfrom the defense, and - marshall yanda miss the game without them, the ravens were slightly better than average...with them, they'rea - strong playoff cooteeder... there's a very big difference...and peytoo manning sounds ike he understands that.. 3 and therees more... 3 ray is apparently responsible for a windfall to nfl prrperties...,,ince announcing his retirement last week, ray's familiar 5 has beeomm the top sellinggjersey...a riseeof abbut 2,000 per cent.. in fract, the populartiy of ray'' ersey has caused sale of all ravensgear to rise 8 &ppercent in the last 2 weeks.. by th
...bruce cunningham 3 peyton manning as he gets ready to ffce ray lewis for the final timee..bruce... saturday will mmrk the 12th reeeeaa of one offthe nfll' mosttcerebral rivalries..ray lewis versus peyton manning...two of the too students of the game..it will be, in the wordd of ray lewis &ppimself, a chhss game.... 3 the two old lions have been &pgooiig at each ooher for years since first facing off way back in 1998...theyyve faced &&peach other 11 times, and that innludes three tiies innthe playoffs...their attles haae -3 been legendary and this 3 one last time..ray is playing - to extdend his career...a loss 3 part, manning understands & that...and is quick to tell you ol, number 52can still ppay... 3 3 manning knows 3 the team he'll see saturrdy is far differentfrrm thheone he faced last month...ttat's -3 coming up in sports, later in 3 3 how are the roads looking tonnght? toniiht?brandi proctor has our trafffc edge report..- report. 33mappreenspringbat natl ike -shawanmap395map 3 3 3 3 others.wouuding 58 people and wounding 58 others. 3 -3 3 3 a tee
of the day, some people are going to be right and some people are going to be wrong. >> peyton manning has a 9-0 record against the ravens overall, but baltimore has wrapped up most of their wins on the road. check out the playoff addition for a look at the proper -- prep work for the game. coming up, we will go over some of your pet questions. you can e-mail your pet questions to us or visit our website -- wbaltv.com. but first -- >> joe flacco. everyone knows someone who has had it -- the flu. had it -- the flu. good evening, this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive. >> tomorrow, the cdc will release its latest flu numbers. they expect a big jump. viruses considered widespread in 40 states. tracy potts has more on the flu frenzy in today's medical alert. >> in boston, the mayor declared a public health emergency. they have had 700 cases so far. >> that is 10 times the number of total cases we saw last year. >> they are offering free flu shots to combat what the cdc says could be one of the worst flu seasons we ha
is 10-point favorites to beat the ravens. peyton manning hasn't lost to the ravens since 2002. nine straight wins. manning takes nothing for granted when playing the ravens defense. >> baltimore has great players and gat coaches. it is the great combination. they can give you every blitz in the book. they have such good players. >> there ravens did a good job against peyton manning the first time. a playoff addition of "ravens report" friday night at 7:30. college basketball. maryland 1 after its 14th straight win. 65-62, they lose to florida state. maryland had won 13 and narrow. maryland took the early lead. one second left. watch white refused to quit. puts it in off the glass. nick faust answers. the lead is one. the best player misses this free throw. maryland has a chance to tie. this three-point it is blocked. florida state wins it. broncos.bash them >> which hot-button proposals are most likely to become law. >> more shakeups to the president's cabinet. who is sent and who is out? >> a trade school suddenly >> a trade school suddenly ♪ sunlight says get up and go ♪ mount
. peyton manning missed all of last year. ray lewis can relate. he missed half of this year. ony dungy say thatben he likes the colts. everybody has an opinion. the game has to be played. you have to play the game on sunday. that's the way we feel. whoever wins, some people will be right and some will be wrong. >> a special playoff edition of "ravens report" friday night at 7:30. no one elected to baseball's hall of fame yesterday. >> we will be right back. >> another top honor for marilyn's public school is -- for maryland's public school. >> a trade school closes in baltimore and that leaves students in new place to learn. students in new place to learn.
. peyton manning has never won a playoff with the temperature below 40 degrees. >> we will see what happens with that. it'll be cold, cold cold in denver on saturday afternoon. just the opposite back here by the way. this evening moderately cool at most not bad for january. low 50s. we have 45 now in the state capitol and 46 in frederick. take a look, a few clouds in out of the west but nice and dry and further west we can see rain developing up and down the country's midsection. this wave will pass our area tomorrow afternoon and that could mean rain for us toward the evening rush hour the tomorrow night. we will be
cast today. let's talk about the ravens and broncos for a minute. ray lewis 37 verses peyton manning, 36 years old. this game brought to you by aarp, surely i'm joking. but there's something not funny going on when you talk about denver and the ravens. broncos busted baltimore a month ago. that wasn't funny. probably a low point in the season. denver's 17-point win at the stadium. broncos with a 31-3 lead and took their foot off the gas. coach john harbaugh was playing for the second time. >> yes, he doesn't. i'm sure that it helps them too with a foundation to work with as we have a lot of games broken down up until that point, adding the games from there on out. >> even a short week. >> yeah, it's a help, it's a big plus. >> all righty then. back to ray lewis. his team's next loss, it will be his last and now you can see the retirement after the season. we all saw the love fest at the birds nest this past weekend. denver, they won't be as accommodating on the field. but off the field a lot of respect for the secrets here. >> he has made a huge difference. you know i think for their
] it with a can be excellent because they have such great players. >> peyton manning is going to accuse the ravens of being in piniella after that interview? the 12 game win streak crumble. they had it going on in early on. maryland building its lead. a tenacious basket. fsu had its first lead. 11 seconds left. terps with the ball. michael snare misses the crucial free throw and keeps maryland within two. one second left. seth allen. and the terps come up short as florida state wins at 65-62. the second half.e up 13. and with the offensive. a wraparound for two. 26 points. hitting the layup and sending the game into overtime. tied at 68. and connects and sends the game to double overtime. thompson would have the last laugh at the last dance. jerome harrison on the drive. tollison wynns it double overtime. -- towson wins is double overtime. and three of the twelve points. scoring the first 15 points of this game. woodley away at that new hampshire lead. -- whittling away at that new hampshire's lead. and coming up with the offense. and snapping an eight game >> 51 tomorrow. 50 cent friday. showers
quarterbacks in the league. peyton manning but the signal caller has high praise for the ravens. >> baltimore, they are -- they have great players and they have great coaches. it's the great combination. they can give you multiple looks and when you have just -- special players in the different spots, in the d line, ed reid, on the record saying he is the best safety i have played against. best safety of this decade in my opinion. >> high praises for us. if you are playing in denver in january weather going to be a factor in the game but chilly temperatures actually may be advantage for the ravens. mike has been crunching the numbers all day long and has the game day forecast. >> the roads are favoring joe right now. last film manning played was 35 degrees on december 30th. that's nowhere where we will be with game time. expecting 20 degrees. this is about this arctic blast that's coming down out of the rockies. here will be the deal. very cold air. maybe a flurry or two. look at the temperatures, around tailgate 20 degrees, during the game, falling to around 15 and that will be brutal. the
. >>> destination denver just two days away. the ravens looking to exact some revenge on peyton manning as they continue their push towards super bowl xlvii. we'll give you a preview of that game coming up on this thursday, january 10th. "good morning maryland." i'm charlie crowson. >> and i'm megan pringle. thank you for joining us. before you head out the door you probably want to know how the dress the kids and here's meteorologist lynette charles to let you know. >> yeah they actually do because we have a windchill out there. i don't want the temperatures to fool you this morning. 43 degrees in hanover. yes this is well above average. of 24. but we have the winds out of the northwest at about 4 miles an hour and it is making it feel more like in the 30s this morning across many spots. 42 degrees in mount airy. and that dew point's nice and dry. coming in in the 20s. 39 degrees right now in glenelg. now this is what we can expect as we go through the day. maryland's most powerful radar is dry right now. we had a few sprinkles come in here yesterday from that cold front that passed. b
the right formula to do something they have never done in the playoffs before and that's shut down peyton manning. another concern? the air up there in the mile- high city. >> i think for us, you know just hydrating doing whatever we can do. you know to be ready. we know what's coming. i played there before. and i don't really recall having an issue you know playing out there. so -- i just think they try to use that more of a mental thing maybe. i'm not sure. >> it's not life or death man. just playing in a different climate. >> kickoff is saturday at 4:340 and make sure you are near a television. megan? >>> tomorrow be sure to join us for one hour special called "destination denver." we are going to be live in white marsh with jamie costello reporting live from denver. this all starts at 7:00 right here on abc2. >>> and this is a great thing to do in a special way to honor ray lewis. this friday and saturday, the maryland spca is offering discounted adoptions. the price for all large dogs will be reduced from $125 to $52. that 52 number coming from? all you have to do is head down to the
a peyton manning boo-yah, but i'll take yours. it's got more historical significance. >> caller: i've been watching the products from the consumer electronics show in vegas. and i'm noticing a trend. some ski goggles with chips to tell you how fast you're going, turns you make, spoons and forks they're calling happy forks to record the number of mouthfuls you take, how fast you eat. so my question is with everyday objects becoming more and more computerized, is it time to get into a chip maker, and if so, which one? >> see, the problem with that is as my friend walter isaacson is writing a book about chip makers, i could tell you, i could make that same case for the last 30 years, you would have bought intel and sat there with it. if you want one, scott mcgregor was on the great "fast money" show right before me, broadcom ceo, they've got those kind of chips. you want dazzle, broadcom can dazzle. keith in new york. keith? >> boo-yah, jim. >> boo-yah, keith. >> caller: bought my first two the other day, got some information coming off of yesterday's announcement of the chinese government's
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)